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Home is something we value, so it’s a pleasure to welcome you to ours. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about TEDC, our team, and how our expertise can support your vision. We build housing that changes people’s lives, develop infrastructure to support the complex and diverse needs of Florida communities, and revitalize areas where families can take root and bear fruit without income as a barrier. Holding ourselves to the highest standards, we employ thoughtful, innovative and sustainable methods with passion and compassion. We know what it means to rise from the ashes and are committed to helping others do the same. If this is your ethos, you’ve found the right partner.

Vision and Values

Home is where the heart is. We put heart and soul into creating spaces where people can feel like they belong, whether it is in our buildings or within our office environment.


We don’t just develop properties, we develop people. We care about the well-being of our customers and strive to form positive, long-lasting relationships that lead to their growth.


Our reputation precedes us. You can expect honesty, integrity and transparency from our company. If handshake contracts were still apropos, you’d want to make them with us. 


We employ due diligence and the best standards of practice for highest quality output, even on a budget. We don’t just fulfill building capacities, we build out communities to fulfill lives.


A hallmark of our operation is distinction in customer service, extended to clients and partners, residents and their guests, vendors and contractors, and internally to our highly valued team.


Our structural integrity is founded on teamwork and reinforced by respectful communication. An open-door policy fuels collaboration and each one contributes to the success of the whole. 


We invite feedback from all stakeholders, celebrating wins but learning from mistakes. Accountability aids improvement and continuous innovation, keeping our company flexible and durable.

Our mission is to foster within target communities an economic environment where investment is a self-fueling process. This results in increased availability and improved quality of housing, goods and services; and creates job and entrepreneurial opportunities that drive sustainable societies. Special emphasis is placed on creating affordable housing where the need is highest.

— Tacolcy Economic Development Corporation

Let's build a lasting legacy together.

Where we've come from; where we're going.

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Tacolcy Economic Development Corporation (TEDC) is a Florida-based 501(C)(3), non-profit, Community Development Corporation (CDC), formed to serve the Liberty City target area of Miami-Dade County. TACOLCY is an acronym for Teen Advisory Committee of Liberty City Youth. TEDC was incorporated in 1982 as an independent and autonomous spin-off agency of Belafonte Tacolcy Center (BTC), a non-profit social services agency that has served the Liberty City community since 1967.

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